Raisels go where no fruit has gone before, by creating fun flavored snacks using real, whole fruit and zero artificial flavors, colors or sweeteners. With flavors like sour watermelon, spicy pineapple and peanut butter & jelly, Raisels show there’s no limit to how fun fruit can be.

As Brand Director, my job was to align R&D, production, marketing & sales to drive revenue and position the brand for long-term growth.

Identity design

The identity centers around a bouncy, tilted lockup, which incorporates a juicy golden raisin into the tittle of the “i” and has a dynamic sub-descriptor that can adapt to different product lines, flavors and messaging.

The typography is expressive and unabashedly playful, incorporating a range of hand drawn, comic-esque typefaces that stop just short of being gimmicky or garish. All colors and patterns are flavor-coded, allowing designers to mix and match to create unique flavor expressions.

Packaging design

Packaging is the most important asset for any retail snack brand, greatly impacting every stage of the buyer’s journey. For many consumers, it’s the only touchpoint they have with the brand, often becoming more iconic than the logo itself.

Raisels packaging utilizes vibrant, crave-worthy imagery and mouthwatering textures to create immediate appetite appeal, while complimentary color schemes and dynamic compositions ensure strong shelf-presence.

Asset development

While appetite appeal and shelf-presence drive the packaging design, it’s brand voice that does the heavy lifting further away from shelf. The tone of voice is optimistic, declarative and loveably naive, frequently accompanied by bright colors and playful typography to create a through-line to the brand packaging.

The messaging is simple and impactful, much like the product itself, steering clear of the bullet points, callouts and claims that often plague CPG advertising.


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