Bibi Wine Bar

Bibi is an eclectic, intimate wine haunt tucked away in NYC’s East Village, known for its natural wines, generous pours & quick witted staff.

It has no theme or gimmick, instead providing an experience that feels genuine, comforting and endearingly random. Bibi needed a brand identity that captured, clarified & communicated that experience across every touch point.

Identity design

The identity centers around an inky script wordmark, which can be scaled up to create abstract patterns, reminiscent of wine splatters and stains.

The typography features neo-classical typefaces, which contrast traditional and contemporary styles, while the color palette echos the warmth of the interior with translucent accents similar to the glasses of wine that occupy bibi's tables.

Asset development

The brand system was extended to key touch points, such as the website, menus and social content. The website’s hero section displays geometric frames that represent the iconic front door and windows of the bar, mirroring the experience of entering the building.

The food, wine & happy hour menus take a more utilitarian approach, while still providing aesthetic appeal and small moments of delight.

Photography & more

People eat (and drink) with their eyes, so it was important to compliment the design system with photography that captured bibi's ambiance and appetite appeal.

The photography showcases bibi at its best, highlighting the wide variety of foods, wines and textures that fill its interiors, while incorporating warm tones and subtle grains to retain the feeling of naturalism and authenticity.

We extended the brand system to secondary touchpoints, such as packaging and promotional materials.

It was here that we began leveraging bibi's tone of voice in the copywriting, which is confident, witty and down-to-earth.


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