Hi, I'm Rob Jones,
Skydiving school dropout
Human Pandora station
‍Life-long creative
Adult-long business dude
Lover of new things
Especially when they're old
Enjoys cooking
But prefers eating
Dodging cars in NYC
Sometimes Seattle
‍Working on this page
For way too long

Brand strategist & designer, dodging cars in sleepy NYC.

Designer in the streets, business in the (excel) sheets.

My career path was always crystal clear.

I’d go to business school, graduate (almost) top-of-class, go into brand management and spend my days building brands into memorable, distinctive, money-printing machines.

The good news is - that happened. The better news is - it wasn’t quite enough.

As a lifelong creative, I always kept my career and creativity in separate boxes. My design and brand management experiences informed one another, but never truly collaborated.

After 8+ years of being a brand manager by day and freelance designer by night, I decided to combine the two worlds together - and that’s when the magic happened.

Life Experience

Backpacking, fish catching, bucket carrying, skydiving, and a willigness to dance despite the inability to do so.

Stop running a business, start building your brand.

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