Jgame is an eco-conscious tennis apparel brand, sourced & sewn in The Bronx, NYC. The brand was founded by former meteorologist & tennis-aficionado, Jackie Meretsky, who decided to turn her lifelong passion into a tangible business.

With their Spring debut quickly approaching, Jgame brought me on board to flesh out their brand identity and develop their eCommerce platform.

Identity design

The identity features a script wordmark paired with a neon-green circle, who’s proximity to the loopy “J” creates the abstraction of a tennis racquet serving a ball. This abstract tennis ball is featured throughout the identity, always occupying the top-right quadrant in compositions, to imply forward movement, progress and optimism.

The color palette takes inspiration from the surfaces that make up some of tennis’ most iconic courts, such as Wimbledon and Arthur Ashe Stadium, while the typography utilizes neo-classical typefaces to solidify the brand feel.


An online, D2C platform is the life-source for any modern apparel brand - providing revenue generation, brand awareness, and customer data collection. As a lean start-up, Jgame required a platform that was flexible, self-operational, and integrated easily with third-party applications - making Shopify the clear choice.

The site features a custom theme and integrated marketing flows, while operations training was provided to ensure Jgame could handle fulfillment and customer service entirely in-house.

Spring Debut

Jgame launched in May of 2022 and quickly rose to prominence, landing features on Tennis.com, Refinery29, Reader’s Digest and more. Their eCommerce platform has played a key holistic role - generating direct sales, acting as a POS for events and pop-ups, and providing proof-of-demand for retail distribution partnerships.


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